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pHoaming Edison

pHoaming Edison: GWEEEE!!!!!
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pHoaming Edison • 'GWEEEE!!!!!' • CD-R
  Download "Otto Tutsi Plohund" (1.9MB MP3)
  Download "Laughing at Keys" (2.4MB MP3)

Since 1994, James Kavoussi (Fly Ashtray, Uncle Wiggly) has been scraping up delirious, demented pop classics from under his NYC apartment's floorboards and ramming them through his four-track with frightening results. His fourth release under the pHoaming Edison moniker is a widely varied collection of ingenious twists and turns on familiar themes, skewed noise bits, and some damn fine rockunroll. Kavoussi is a prolific master of music that is at once exciting, beautiful, hilarious and unnerving. He makes great songs with the ease of which the rest of us might scramble an egg.

pHoaming Edison
"James Kavoussi, the mind behind pHoaming Edison, is in a handful of other bands as well. He's clearly a bubbling well of ideas and the guy deserves to be a hell of a lot better known. pHoaming Edison's music runs the gamut between lo-fi rock and hard-edged, unyielding noise, but most of the songs fall into the infinitely more interesting grey area between those poles. Using a mixture of effects-laden guitar riffs, samples and occasionally improbable percussion, Kavoussi seems capable of massaging the most modest concepts -- a pair of alternating chords, for instance -- into vibrant and intriguing music." —Splendid E-zine

Video: Laughing at Keys

You can find previous pHoaming Edison releases at Dark Beloved Cloud.

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